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In the Beginning: Arkansas 75, Grambling State 52

After the last couple of seasons, if there's any fanbase that has learned to not take pre-conference games against seemingly unthreatening teams for granted, it's the Razorback fanbase.

Tonight, though, we breathe easy: the Hogs cruised to a 75 to 52 victory over Grambling State after taking a 20-point lead into halftime. Rotnei Clarke was the hero of the evening: he drained five of 10 three-point attempts and made all of his free throws to end the game with 20 points. After that, no one's stat line jumps out at you. Balance was the theme of the evening, as six Hogs scored 7 points apiece and two others scored 5 points apiece. 

One thing about the box score that does jump out at you, though, is this: these Hogs have some seriously cool names: Mardracus Wade, Julysses Nobles and Kikko Haydar. Our favorite Prussian general/fullback Van Stumon officially has some competition for the coolest name on the U of A campus.