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Thursday Hodge Podge

A few quick links to help you pass the time between now and kickoff:

* the Hog Database says the Mississippi State game is the most important one the Razorbacks have played since 2006, and follows that up with a numbers-based breakdown of where Arkansas fits into the BCS picture. (For the record, we think that might be a tad hyperbolic, but agree that it's a deceptively big game.)

* Outback, Chik-fil-a, Cotton or...dare we say it...Sugar? Chris Bahn takes a look at what the experts are thinking about the Hogs' bowl options.

* the Bulldogs have a plan for stopping Ryan Mallett, writes Brandon Marcello. How well will it work?

* occasional Expats contributor/podcast guest Derek Jenkins does a compare & contrast between the types adversity experienced by Mississippi State and Auburn this season. An enjoyable read from aboynamedsooie, as always.

* last, but certainly not least, AS360's Otis Kirk turns in an excellent position-by-position breakdown of 2011 recruiting, including who's committed so far and what the areas of need are. You may be shocked to learn that WRs are lining up to play in the Petrino offense (and that we desperately need more linebackers). Definitely check it out.