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SEC Power Poll: Week 11

Just a couple weeks left in the season, and the power poll is almost completely unchanged from last week:

1. (1) Auburn - Driving full speed ahead toward the edge of the NCAA cliff, Thelma & Louise-style. 

2. (2) LSU - [insert Les Miles clock management joke here]

3. (3) Alabama - They looked like the Crimson Tide again on Saturday.

4. (4) Arkansas - Hogs are closing strong. But can they claw their way up higher than 4th in this poll?

5. (6) South Carolina - Congratulations to the Gamecocks on winning the SEC East - also known as "5th place in the SEC West".

6. (5) Mississippi State - Cowbells will be in full clang for the Hogs this week.

7. (7) Florida - Florida is really not a good team this year. We absolutely love it.

8. (8) Georgia - The best six loss team in America! Congrats, guys!

9. (9) Kentucky - All season long we've struggled to know what to say about the Wildcats. That trend continues this week.

10. (11) Tennessee - They brought the wood against the Rebels.

11. (12) Vanderbilt - Thank God for Mississippi.

12. (11) Ole Miss - Ouch.