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SEC Power Poll: Week 5

The Hogs were off this week, but the SEC Power Poll rolls on. Our ballot is below, with last week's rankings in parentheses:

1. (1) Alabama - Urban Meyer is probably wishing his retirement had lasted at least through last weekend.

2. (2) Auburn - The hype is building to a pretty massive level for these guys. Can they sustain it?

3. (4) Arkansas - Big game against A&M this weekend, but the Auburn one after that is looming particularly large.

4. (6) South Carolina - Will get their shot against Alabama next.

5. (3) Florida - We really enjoyed watching the Gators get pummeled by Bama.

6. (5) LSU - Might be the worst 5-0 team ever. But on the bright side, Les Miles is HILARIOUS.

7. (7) Mississippi St - The Hogs' trip to Starkville will be tough this year.

8. (12) Ole Miss - Welcome back!

9. (11) Tennessee - Deserves some sort of bump for essentially beating LSU on the road.

10. (9) Kentucky - Guys, you have to beat Ole Miss to earn any respect here.

11. (8) Georgia - Imploding...thanks, Dawgs, for making our best win of the season look worse and worse.

12. (10) Vanderbilt - Facing tough competition for the 12th place slot right now.