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Reasons to Hate: Vanderbilt

Each week we cheerfully give you a few reasons to hate the Razorbacks' upcoming opponent:

1. They Think They're SO Smart. Ok, so Vanderbilt's mathletes topped the rest of the conference in the NCAA's recent report on graduation rates. And yeah, maybe their football team graduates almost twice as many players as the Hogs, and their basketball team more than quadruples (!!!) our rate. But do they really have to be so smug about it? This is the SEC, not the Ivy League. Get with the program, guys - you're making the rest of us look bad.

2. Bad Memories from 2005. The last time the Commodores rolled into Fayetteville, they shocked the Hogs with a last-second Jay Cutler TD pass to win 28-24. Frankly, that never should have been allowed to happen. Just look at this picture of Peyton Hillis after the you want Peyton Hillis to be sad again? Do you?? 

3. We Need a Solid Win. There aren't a lot of easy games in the SEC, but getting an offensively-challenged Vanderbilt team at home is about as cakewalkish as it gets. Can the Hogs capitalize and put together their first start-to-finish solid effort of the year? A good team ought to be able to put away the Commodores with ruthless efficiency. We'll see how the Razorbacks do.

4. NERRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Do you want Bobby Petrino to be forced to give a speech like this one after the game? We didn't think so.