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Wednesday Hodge Podge

* Straight from Twitter: Tom Murphy quotes Bobby Petrino as saying Greg Childs has a better chance of playing this Saturday than Joe Adams does. And sure enough, Childs practiced today and Adams did not.

* The Razorbloggers offer up their Vanderbilt scouting report. The summary is that the Commodores' offense has been pretty anemic this year, although we suspect that spending some time with the Razorbacks' beleaguered D might be just the thing they need to get unstuck.

* Vandy blog Anchor of Gold takes a look at how the SEC teams fare in the trivial matter of their players actually graduating from college. Without giving too much away, allow us to say the Hogs are not exactly leading the pack here (and the basketball team's grad % is even worse than their recent winning %).

* As noted earlier, defensive tackle D.D. Jones was arrested early this morning for possession of marijuana (good mug shot, at least). Until proven otherwise, we're going to assume that is connected in some way to Snoop Dogg's appearance in Fayetteville a few days ago. Damn you, Doggfather!

* Our kickoff returns may be lagging, but no such worries on the punt return side of things. (Except the small issue of Joe Adams being hurt, of course.)

* On a basketball note, Marshawn Powell as been named to the preseason All-SEC 1st team, and Rotnei Clarke to the second. (Although notorious fun-killer Chris Bahn points out that, with 17 players named, almost 1/3 of the SEC starting rosters get some sort of recognition here so the honor is a little diminished.)