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SEC Power Poll: Week 8

For the first time in SEC Power Poll our ballot is exactly the same as it was the previous week. Guess that means we have it all figured out, huh?

1. (1) Auburn - Hmm, this Cameron Newton kid might actually turn out to be pretty good. 

2. (2) Alabama - Think the Tide is looking forward to the Iron Bowl?

3. (3) LSU - Newton made their D look foolish, but no one else has been able to tackle him, either.

4. (4) South Carolina - The stage is almost set for a very big came against the Hogs.

5. (5) Mississippi State - Mind blowing thought of the day: Newton almost chose the Bulldogs over the Tigers...what if he had?

6. (6) Arkansas - We're still waiting the results of Petrino's petition to Mike Slive that all SEC games be limited to the first half.

7. (7) Georgia - In the process of salvaging a decent season out of the wreckage of September.

8. (8) Florida - We love schadenfreude.

9. (9) Kentucky - Fun fact: QB Mike Hartline has more passing yards than Ryan Mallett so far this season.

10. (10) Ole Miss - Houston is focusing all his Nutty upset powers on Malzahn and the Tigers. Can the Black Bears pull off the shocker of the year?

11. (11) Tennessee - You know things aren't going well when the coach compares his own team to Nazis.

12. (12) Vanderbilt - Primed to break out of their offensive doldrums against the Hogs' D.