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They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us

So yeah, the Hogs are playing Ole Miss this week with all the drama and sniping back and forth that comes with it. If you're wondering how the Rebel Black Bear fanbase feels about the Razorbacks, check out the "Hate Week" thread over at Red Cup Rebellion - judging by the level of vitriol and outright mouth-foaming anger you'd think they were talking about a bunch of Yankee carpetbaggers trying to make them stop singing Dixie, or whatever it is they like to do.

It reeks of classic inferiority complex behavior (and being from Arkansas, we all understand inferiority complexes). But, our advice is to leave them alone...if you visit RCR this week (and you should, because they're always fun to read) and are inspired to leave a comment, please take the high road. Don't take the bait, in other words - being bigger, classier people always drives rabble-rousers a little crazy.

Save your best Ole Miss insults for commenting on this site instead...we'll do our best to give you ample opportunities for that.