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SEC Power Poll: Week 7

Ranking the SEC teams isn't much fun this week. Let's get right to it:

1. (1) Auburn - Parents in Arkansas will be using the name Cameron Newton to terrify their kids into cleaning their rooms and eating their vegetables for years.

2. (3) Alabama - We can feel the massively annoying hype for the Iron Bowl building already.

3. (4) LSU - We can't wait to see what crazy late-game shenanigans Les Miles has in store for Auburn this weekend.

4. (2) South Carolina - Losing to Kentucky after defeating Alabama seems like something the Hogs would do.

5. (6) Mississippi State - Can Dan Mullen go ahead and leave for greener pastures? Ideally before the Hogs roll into Starkville?

6. (5) Arkansas - *sigh* This is not where we wanted to be at this point in the season...we suppose not having a functioning defense or special teams unit will do that.

7. (8) Georgia - Dawgs on the rise!

8. (6) Florida - The Gators are shockingly inept on offense this year...sure wish they were on the Hogs' schedule this season instead of last.

9. (10) Kentucky - Impressive against South Carolina.

10. (9) Ole Miss - Of course, it's an absolute lock that HDN will have the Rebs playing like the #1 team against the Hogs this weekend.

11. (12) Tennessee - Congrats Vols, you're not in last place anymore!

12. (11) Vanderbilt - That was ugly.