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Auburn Week Hodge Podge

There was an explosion of good Arkansas-Auburn links around the web today. While you're counting down to the game itself, be sure to check out these essentials:

* The Auburn blog Track 'Em Tigers weighs in with an excellent scouting report on both teams. Regular readers of this site may have noticed that X's & O's analysis isn't our forte, so if that's your thing definitely check this one out. It's very fair to both teams, and provides a good overview of their strengths and weaknesses and what to expect.

* The SEC blog Bourbon & Coke was in need of some really insightful Arkansas-based opinions on this weekend's game. When they couldn't find that, they turned to us...check out our answers to their five questions here.

* Agents behaving badly have been in the news a lot this year. What is the Arkansas athletic department doing to keep the Razorbacks out of agent-related trouble? AS360's Chris Bahn has the answers.

* Ryan Mallett was on the Dan Patrick show today talking about rogue agents, whether or not he could beat up Cameron Newton and more. AS360 has the complete transcript of the conversation.

* Do you like stats? How about LOTS of stats? The always-excellent Hog Database has no fewer than 50 cool stats about Auburn game...a great read.

* A lot of Auburn fans have a bit of a hang-up about the seems we've delivered some particularly painful losses to the Tigers over the years. For an enemy perspective on the game, check out "The Hawg Hex and How to Break It".

* Lastly, the national press seems to be unanimously picking the Tigers in this game, which is probably a good place for the Razorbacks to be. The Blog Hawgs have a roundup of the coverage.