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SEC Power Poll: Week 6

Lots of of activity around the conference this week, as the SEC slips into its regular mode of constant craziness. As detailed yesterday, the Hogs find themselves looking up at four teams that have clearly accomplished more in the season so far (but have plenty of chances to climb in the poll).

Here's our ballot from this week, with last week's rankings in parenthesis:

1. (2) Auburn - The stage is set for a big run through the SEC West. We could be heading towards one of the most relentlessly hyped Iron Bowls ever.

2. (4) South Carolina - Did what the Hogs couldn't: close out Alabama after a strong start. Impressive.

3. (1) Alabama - Tide fans now have to deal with the unimaginable tragedy of actually losing a game.

4. (6) LSU - We take back all the bad stuff we said about Les Miles. The man is tapped into forces greater than what we have the capacity to understand.

5. (3) Arkansas - The Hogs have some work to do if they're going to vault over any of the teams ahead of them. Scoring points in the 4th quarter would be a great place to start.

6. (5) Florida - Where have you gone Tim Tebow? Gator Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

7. (7) Mississippi State - Count on these guys to spoil someone's season. We just hope it's not the Hogs.

8. (11) Georgia - Beginning the long, slow climb back to respectability.

9. (8) Ole Miss - Pencil the Nutty Rebs in for an upset at some point, too. We're pretty sure it's not going to be against Alabama this weekend, though.

10. (10) Kentucky - So close and yet...

11. (12) Vanderbilt - We love that Vandy is getting accused of running up the score.

12. (9) Tennessee - Ouch.