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Report: Jevan Snead Going Pro...Is Mallett Next?

Perhaps in an effort to avoid being further tarnished by the Houston Nutt QB "magic", or perhaps because most of Ole Miss' top playmakers won't be around next year anyway, or perhaps because he's already read everything in stock at Square Books, junior Mississippi QB Jevan Snead is going to enter the NFL draft.

A star in the making after his impressive sophomore season, Snead regressed last year to the point where some observers have publicly suggested that going pro is not the right move for him. The Arkansas angle on all this, of course, is if Jevan Snead thinks he's ready for the NFL, what does that say for Ryan Mallett?

At least one expert thinks Mallett is as good as gone, and I have a bad feeling that he's right. Whatever happens, the deadline to declare for the draft is the 15th, so we'll find out soon enough.