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Road Warriors: Arkansas 80, Ole Miss 73

This is not how I expected Arkansas' two-year SEC road losing streak to end: against a ranked Ole Miss team. Tad Smith Coliseum has been the Hogs' house of horrors: Coming into this evenings' contest, the Razorbacks had won only one of their games there since 1996, and they usually looked god-awful in the process.

But they looked damn good tonight - and they did so without Courtney Fortson for most of the second half. There were heroes galore tonight: Michael Washington, Marshawn Powell, Rotnei Clarke and Julysses Nobles. Even Stef Welsh, for the second game in a row, turned in a solid performance.

We'll weigh in with more thoughts tomorrow, but we want to get your take on what very well may be the biggest victory of the John Pelphrey era.

Woo Pig Sooie!!