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Let the Malletwatch Begin

Now that the Hogs' resounding win over East Carolina is officially in the history books, it's time to move on to the next great discussion topic among Razorback fans: obsessing about whether Ryan Mallett will go pro or not. (If you thought I was going to say "following the basketball team", sorry to disappoint.)

The deadline to decide is January 15 but other underclassmen have already started to declare their NFL intentions, so Mallett's big announcement could come any day now. Will our final image of him in a Razorback uniform be a miserable streak of failed 3rd down conversions, or are their more chapters in his story left to be written?

All we have at the moment are rumors, conjecture and tea leaves to read, and the signals are most definitely mixed. Before the game, ESPN's Chris Low wrote that there are "strong indications" that he's going pro. During the game, though, announcers Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham stated multiple times that they thought he'd be coming back (and quoted both Mr. and Mrs. Mallett as favoring that direction). Mallett himself has been very careful to not reveal his leanings in any public forums.

In the absence of any real info, we'll once again look to you for wisdom and guidance. Cast your vote in the poll below (remember, it's what do you think will happen, not what you want to happen) and, if you're so inclined, leave a comment with your reasoning. Also, if you have any crazy "my second cousin used to work with the guy who delivers the mail to the guy who cuts Mallett's hair and he says..." rumors to share, this is the place to do it.