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At Last, A Win: Arkansas 71, Alabama 59

I am traveling this weekend and didn't get to see today's game, so I'm very interested to hear from those that did. But in looking in at the box score, there's a lot to like. Like the double-doubles from Powell, Washington and Fortson. And the fact that the Hogs outrebounded the Tide, 38-25. And that they made 14 of their 18 free throws (78 percent) and held the Tide to a three-point field-goal percentage of only 28 percent.

But most of all, I like the fact that the Hogs will not start off SEC play with another 0-4 mark, like they did last year. Getting that first win early could provide a nice psychological boost.

Here at Arkansas Expats, we have hopes of an 8-8 conference record. For several reasons, that may be a stretch, but when you consider last year and this season's bumpy non-conference ride, we think such a record would provide the program with a healthy dose of momentum heading into next year. Yes, we dare to dream the big dream. And today's win was a big step toward making that dream a reality.