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On a Non-Razorbacks Note: How to Help Haiti

Usually we're very content to stick to our regular format of talking about the Razorbacks football and basketball teams in a fairly lighthearted (and oh-so-insightful) manner. But, there are other times when the real world butts in and reminds us that there are things way more important than sports

One of these things, sadly, is the recent earthquake in Haiti. As I'm sure you know, what's happened there is beyond tragic, with hundreds of thousands of people dead and much of the country in ruins. So, we here at Arkansas Expats, Inc would like to suggest, if you're at all able, to find a way to lend a little help to those in need.

Our parent site,, has a post up about some ways you can contribute, and there are further ideas in the comments section as well. Definitely check it out.