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SEC Power Poll: Final Edition!

Our season-long SEC Power Poll journey has come to an end, and it is with heavy hearts that we present to you our final ballot. Not much has changed since the Week 13 edition, save for a bit of post-bowl shuffling around.

In the end, the story of the SEC this year was two really good teams at the top and a bunch of other ones far below. The Hogs fall solidly into the middle of that pack, having both beaten and been beaten by their fellow 5-loss teams.

The official Arkansas Expats ballot is below, and be sure to check out the final season results at Team Speed Kills. The comments over there are particularly interesting - suffice it to say, fans of our fellow SEC schools are not as optimistic about the Razorbacks' chances of standing out from the pack next year as many around these parts are.

Follow us after the jump for the ballot itself:


1. Alabama (1)
2. Florida (2)
3. Mississippi (4)
4. Louisiana State (3)
5. Arkansas (5)
6. Georgia (7)
7. Auburn (9)
8. Tennessee (6)
9. Kentucky (10)
10. South Carolina (8)
11. Mississippi State (11)
12. Vanderbilt (12)