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One thing I like about sports is that you can usually go back (with 20/20 hindsight, of course) and pinpoint the things that seemed little at the time but were actually quite indicative of future events. Only time will tell if this example falls into that category, but in terms of season-opening symmetry and symbolism, it doesn't get much better than this:

* Opening kickoff, 2008: Elton Ford fumbles, Western Illinois recovers. The Hogs, of course struggled to even win that game, and the less said about the rest of the season, the better.

* Opening kickoff, 2009: Dennis Johnson goes 91 yards for the TD. What happens next is still TBD, but I like what it portends.

In semi-related news, here's some footage of the Razorbacks approaching and entering War Memorial Stadium. Lots of fanfare: