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At Last: YouTube Highlights of 1984 North Carolina Game

Time wasters around the world agree: YouTube is a godsend. However users, media critics and justice-loving people around the world have long agreed that YouTube is also tremendously flawed. The reason? No highlights of the basketball Razorbacks' heart-stopping 1984 upset of Michael Jordan and the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Well, courtesy of a saint who goes by the online name acnhs09, YouTube is no longer tremendously flawed. We've covered this game rather obsessively on this blog, so I'll spare you the background, which you probably know by heart anyway. So feast your eyes on the clip below and relive that wonderful gray, cold and soggy Sunday afternoon in Pine Bluff (btw - love the footage near the very end of a fan waving a pom-pom in God's Dean Smith's face):


Wanna waste more time on the North Carolina game? Check out this 24th anniversary post as well as our recent three-part interview with game hero Charles Balentine (part 1, part 2, part 3).