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The Grades Are In


Chris Bahn of ArkansasSports360 and Alex Abrams of The Morning News have graded the Hogs' effort against Alabama. This may shock you, but the Hogs' report cards ain't pretty. 

Bahn gave Arkansas an overall D, the offense a D, the defense a C- and special teams a C-. Says Bahn: 

Alabama is good, maybe even one of the best team's in the country. Arkansas made the Crimson Tide much better on Saturday. Bobby Petrino said his team didn't believe they could win the game. That accounts for a lot of the mistakes made, but certainly doesn't excuse them. Lack of confidence will do this team no good with the schedule that remains.

Abrams breaks down his grades a little differently and gave F's to the quarterbacks, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, secondary and the coaching staff. The running backs and special teams each got a C-, and the wide receivers a D+.

Wow. What a brutal weekend for the Hogs.

Click here for Bahn's complete report and here for Abrams'.