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Calling Out the Alabama Cowboy

Longtime readers of this blog will know that we are huge fans of the Alabama fan known as cowboyintn1979, whose charming YouTube videos are a fascinating peek into the mind of a Crimson Tide follower. Whether he's threatening physical violence against sportswriter Paul Finebaum, offering his chastened thoughts after a tough defeat in the SEC championship game, or simply expounding on the universal pleasures of "titties and beer", there is no better public representative of the Yellowhammer State.

Yet, one thing troubles us: the famous Cowboy has yet to make a video about our Arkansas Razorbacks. Does he fear the Hogs? Perhaps he just has too much respect for Bobby Petrino? Or, maybe he's currently passed out in front of the camera and hasn't sobered up enough to make the upload. Whatever it is, we're not happy about the silence and demand satisfaction.

So, Cowboy, you've been called out and now's your chance to strike back. Show us what the poet laureate of Bama fans is capable of. Push aside those lingering positive feelings about (or jealousy of) Arkansas and give us your best shot. (Oh, and if you could mention that'd be really cool.)

Final note: I know there are some big words in this post, so here are the links for any Cowboy fans who might pay us a visit and need extra help: chastened, expounding, universal, laureate, final