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SEC Power Poll: Week 3

Another week, another SEC Power Poll. No change in the top five slots, although Auburn and Tennessee have both jumped up, and the Hogs have started to...whoops, sorry about the interruption here, but I think A.J. Green just caught another long TD pass against the Razorback defense. It's a little distracting...where was I?

Oh yeah, the Power Poll. Rankings are below, with last week's in parentheses. We'll post the final group ballot when it's up.

1. (1) Florida
2. (2) Alabama
3. (3) Ole Miss
4. (4) LSU
5. (5) Georgia
6. (8) Auburn
7. (11) Tennessee
8. (7) South Carolina
9. (6) Arkansas
10. (10) Kentucky
11. (12) Mississippi State
12. (9) Vanderbilt