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The Grades Are In


Chris Bahn of ArkansasSports360 and Alex Abrams of The Morning News have graded the Hogs' effort against Georgia - and, as expected, Arkansas' defense needs to hit the books big time. 

Bahn gave Arkansas an overall C, the offense a B+ and the defense a big, fat F. Says Bahn, "This offense looked promising in ringing up 42 points almost exclusively through the air. Provided the running game and defense don't improve, this won't be enough for the Razorbacks each week."

Abrams breaks down his grades a little differently and gave F's to the defense line, the linebackers and the secondary. Mallet got an A-, his receivers an A+ (brown nosers!) and the running backs a C-. Petrino and his staff got a C.

Click here for Bahn's complete report and here for Abram's.