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Reasons to Hate: Georgia

UGA guy

This season we're resurrecting an old feature charmingly called Reasons to Hate. As a public service to you, the Hog fan, we'll be providing a handy pre-game cheat sheet detailing why you should hate each one of the Razorbacks' opponents this fall. Some weeks will be easier than others...

1. They Get a Little Worked Up About Bobby Petrino. Most Atlanta-area residents are barely even aware their city has a professional football team, but mention Bobby Petrino's name and they'll start frothing at the mouth like you were talking about General Sherman. Yeah, Petrino's sudden exit from the Falcons wasn't the world's greatest move but it was hardly the worst thing that's happened in the extremely mercenary world of big-time sports (nor was it the worst thing done by a Falcon that year...see: Vick, Michael). Needless to say, an Arkansas win would send these folks into an even greater frenzy, which would be all kinds of delicious.

2. They're Poor Houseguests. You'd think that, being from the Deep South and all, the Bulldogs would understand the importance of being respectful and gracious when in another team's home. However, under Mark Richt that's been very far from the case: Richt has a fairly staggering 30-5 record on the road, and has never lost back-to-back road games (possibly related note: their last road game was a loss to Oklahoma State). Not cool at all.

3. Does 2002 Ring a Bell? The Hogs and Dawgs don't have much of a shared history, but did have a rather unfortunate matchup in the 2002 SEC championship game. If you're having trouble working up your anti-Georgia animosity, just remember how the Bulldogs blocked a Razorback punt on the fourth play of the game, en route to scoring on their first five possessions as part of a 30-3 annihilation. Not a fun memory.

**Special Bonus Reason**

The co-founder and co-editor of this very blog, the illustrious Stephen Expat, is a longtime Atlanta resident and has suffered for years during parties, workplace watercooler chat, casual conversations, etc while Georgia fans drone on and on and on about how wonderful their beloved Bulldogs are. A Razorback win would make his life pretty great for the next few weeks; a Razorback loss would surely subject him to constant verbal abuse from all his so-called "friends". So, let's win this one for Stephen!