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Happy Crazy Razorback Football Trivia Funtime Game - Part Nine (Kokonotsu)

Here we are in the first game week of the year, and I think the Funtime Game has served its purpose of getting us to the season, so I believe this will be the last installment for the year. We will soon have bonefied college football games to post about and discuss. But before we let the past take a backseat to the present, here is one last question. It was inspired by hearing Frank Broyles himself last night call a game on ESPN Classic with Keith Jackson where he, Broyles, actually uttered the phrase "this young man, Joe Paterno." Of course, they must all seem young to Frank!

Okay, on with the question. Which team on this year's conference schedule, based upon his record against the SEC, would Frank Broyles most likely defeat if he were to take Bobby Petrino's place for the season? Once you've answered that, put on your sumo suit and run a lap around the track for every year of Frank's life. That would be 84 of them! Too many, you say? Okay, just one for each year of his association with the UofA. 50 laps! Much inner satisfaction awaits you. And probably some sumo suit burns as well.