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Who Dunnit?

The eagle eyes of have come across an intriguing article on Kentucky's affiliate that says John Pelphrey's honeymoon at Arkansas is over. That obviously isn't news (what's next, an exclusive report declaring that Keith Richards has ingested a few drugs over the years?), but what is interesting are the remarks of an "Arkansas media member who did not want to be identified because he has to cover the Razorbacks."

Here is part of the mystery man's remarks: "John is the reason last year's team was not better. That team was awful most of the time. I really worry that John is in over his head. He may have needed another few years to be ready for the SEC. He's had a pretty sheltered life until now and he's not handled a lot of things well. If Kentucky can fire a coach (Billy Gillispie) after two years, then John better realize he could be in trouble this year."

Obviously, this man wasn't Wally, as his remarks would have been something like this, "To say John Pelphrey might be in trouble at Arkansas is a bit like saying you can expect to sweat in Little Rock in August."

Anyway, the guessing game is on at Who do you think it is?