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Ex-Kentucky Coaches Behaving Badly

Yesterday was a banner day for ex-Kentucky basketball coaches: Rick Pitino held an angry and self-pitying press conference about his Humpty Hump impersonation, and Billy Gillispie was arrested on suspicion of DUI. (This just in: John Pelphrey has suspended Pitino and Gillispie from participating in the Red-White game.)

Our friend Truzenzuzex at A Sea of Blue has a funny and exasperated take on the shenanigans of Pitino and Gillispie and how various recent scandals reflect on the state: "In the end, there is very little to be said except that the rest of the United States must think Kentucky is a place where crazy people go to live. Our fans are over the top, our coaches are always in trouble or under suspicion of something. On the bright side, we have not yet been accused of having anything to do with the death of Michael Jackson."

Here at Arkansas Expats, we can empathize with Truzenzuzex. After all, it was only two years ago that the whole Nutt-Mustain-Open-Records-Request-Donna-Bragg booshwah led some to label Hog fans - with considerable justification, we must admit - "terrifying" and "batshit crazy."

Don't worry, Truzenzuzex: As long as this guy's around, we have to say there's at least one SEC school with fans crazier than Kentucky's and Arkansas'.