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Mitch Petrus Deserves Some Points for Honesty

By and large, athletes and coaches aren't known for frank and illuminating comments. Lots of "taking it one game at a time," "we'll give it 110 percent," etc.

However, that's not the way offensive lineman Mitch Petrus was rolling yesterday. According to the Associated Press' Noah Trister, the fifth-year senior offered the following assessment of the O-line:

"Right now, we’re the weakest link. We’re so loaded and so talented at every other position. If we handle our business, we’re in good shape."

You probably don't need to be reminded of the offensive line's struggles in 2008. The unit allowed 45 sacks, most in the SEC. As much as we all fret and worry about the defense, an improved offensive line is every bit as crucial to a good season.

For those who have been have seen the Hogs practice or scrimmage (or even those who haven't), what's your take on how the line will fare in 2009?