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Wednesday Hodge Podge

Thankfully, we are in the stretch drive of the off-season. Less than two weeks until kickoff. Can't wait. Here are some items to contemplate in the meantime:

Don't Bet the Mortgage. Being the fine, upstanding folk that you are, we're almost certain that none of you are inclined to place money on the Hogs. Nevertheless, if there are heathens among us: puts the Razorbacks' odds of winning the SEC at 50-to-1 and their odds of winning the BCS national championship at 100-to-1. (Note to self: see if there's any way I can get a refund for that airline ticket to Pasadena.)

Again, not that we approve, but here's what has to say about Bobby's Piggies:

"For gamblers, Arkansas should be an interesting team in many respects. Word out of Arkansas' August camp is news of a very explosive offense and a much improved defense. Petrino has developed a reputation for fielding explosive offenses and this Arkansas bunch should live up to the billing. The big key to the Hogs success is on defense. So far in August drills the defense has shown improvement.

A key early date on the Hogs schedule comes Sept. 19 when the Georgia Bulldogs come to Fayetteville. Arkansas fans have this date circled as a day when Arkansas will make a name for itself against the Dawgs. We look for Arkansas to be the surprise of the SEC and finish with at 8-4."

• Myth Buster.'s Mark Schlabach examines what's myth and what's fact about Ryan Mallett. I was surprised to learn that it does not take the Hogs' new QB seven years to digest gum.

• Yet More Preview. If you aren't previewed out, then you might be interested in The Sports Network's Pat Taggart's take on the 2009 Hogs. Here's the money quote:

"If Mallett plays well, and he certainly has the talent to do so, Arkansas has a chance to be the most improved team in the SEC. Five or six SEC wins is certainly possible, but don't expect a title run. In 2008, the Hogs were 1-4 in true road games, a mark that clearly needs to improve. They scored only 21.9 ppg while surrendering 31.2 ppg to the opposition. Arkansas also turned the ball over 25 times, including 18 interceptions, so there are major problems to fix, not just minor adjustments. Petrino is an outstanding college coach, but he needs some time to build a strong program."

• Behind the Mic. Bobby Petrino has long been known for his verbosity and love of people. Therefore, it's only natural that he get a radio show in which the hoi polli can call in and ask him questions. That show debuts tonight.

• Random Medical Tip. Staring at a photo of Tim Tebow for 15 minutes can cure a head cold. This technique also is an effective treatment for eczema.