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Happy Crazy Razorback Football Trivia Funtime Game - Part Eight (Hatsu)

Last week's installment that dealt with just how many head coaches have there been at the UofA (twenty-nine) was one of the harder questions thus far. I think this week's version is a bit easier. I am just looking for two names. Which two Razorbacks won the Outland Trophy before Darren McFadden put us back on the national awards map with Doak Walker awards and Jonathan Luigs with the Remington Trophy. By-the-way, I saw Troy Smith in a pre-season NFL game last night. Troy, do the right thing and give Darren that Heisman Trophy, okay? Once you've provided the answer to this week's question, put on your sumo suit and do your best HeismanTrophy imitation. Much inner satisfaction will come your way.