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Checking in on Mr. Shark Eyes and Other Hodge Podge Items

The pace of Razorback news is definitely picking up as we inch closer and closer to the start of the season. Here are some links that have caught my eye recently:

Can't We All Just Not Get Along? I was intrigued to see that had an entire day of themed content around hated teams and individuals earlier this week (clearly we're a huge influence on their editorial process), and when I noticed that none other than Pat Forde had written a column about the 40 greatest villains in college sports my immediate reaction was to wonder if he'd listed Bobby Petrino 1st or 2nd on the list. After all, Forde has earned his reputation as the #1 Petrino-hater in all the land.

But, imagine my surprise that Mr. Blank Shark Eyes couldn't even crack the top 40, which apparently makes him a less hateable figure than St. Tim Tebow and the mild-mannered Jim Tressel (not to mention Houston Nutt). Either Forde has gone soft or Petrino has slipped way down the hate scale...whatever it is, I'm not comfortable with this new world order.

More Preseason Prognostications The good people at the Fayetteville Flyer have weighed in with their predictions of how the 2009 season will go, and it's an entertaining read. Plus, bonus points to them for their use of the groovy old-school Razorback illustration.

Free D-Mac! In the latest chapter of the ongoing Oakland soap opera that surely makes Darren McFadden long for the peaceful, quiet days of his time as a Hog, Raiders head coach Tom Cable is in hot water for allegedly breaking an assistant's jaw (and putting him in the hospital) with a mighty punch. Meanwhile, D-Mac is still trying to find his role on a team that's overstuffed with running backs.

Irony is Not Dead As if playing four top ten teams on the road wasn't enough, Petrino has a new worry for his Razorbacks: swine flu.