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Required Weekend Reading

A few choice links from around the web to carry you through the weekend:

* The "Razorbacks as a Trap Game" meme continues, as Dr. Saturday himself singles the Hogs out as the most likely contender to fill the Ole Miss '08 role on Florida's fall schedule. Of course, saying we're a trap game for the elite teams is really just damning us with faint'll be nice when people are talking about other guys potentially trapping us.

* As we've noted countless times by now, we're big fans of Jerry Hinnen's Auburn blog, the Joe Cribbs Car Wash. His 2009 Arkansas-Auburn preview is up...if you only read one super-long, very humorous analysis of Hogs by an Auburn fan this year, make sure it's this one

* has posted their top-to-bottom conference rankings broken down by unit. Sneak preview: our offense fares better than our defense or special teams.

* ArkansasSports 360 is all over it as usual, with reports from today's football kickoff luncheon and preseason practice #11.