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Wednesday Hodge Podge

Welcome Aboard. Don't know if you've heard about this or not but Spencer Hall (a.k.a. Orson Swindle) and his legendary Every Day Should Be Saturday college football blog are joining SB Nation. We're working to confirm this, but we've heard his blog is slightly more well-known than ours and may have a few more daily visitors, so this is probably kind of a big deal.

Note to Spencer: John is a monster hazer at the initiation ceremony, so watch out.

The Story that Has Everyone Quoting "The Humpty Dance." I have long considered The Digital Underground's 1990 hit something of a personal credo. As it turns out, Rick Pitino must have too. The ugly, sordid and, it must be admitted, amusing Pitino adultery scandal - complete with restaurant sex scene - gets some good coverage at the Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue and the Louisville Cardinal blog Card Chronicle.

If you think this sex scandal is big, wait until you see the Jack Crowe story we're working on. (Note to libel lawyers: the Crowe comment was a joke.)

Toughen Up. Newcomer Broderick Green is one of the many reasons that we're excited about the Hogs' offense. But the running back and transfer from USC has yet to show the toughness that Petrino and his staff would like to see. Chris Bahn of ArkansasSports360 reported that Green "looked slow to hit the hole and timid at times" during a practice earlier this week.

Come on, Broderick. We need ya, man. Perhaps you just need to spend some time at the Expats headquarters, where we live off the land, shave with steak knives, and pass the evenings by drinking moonshine, chewing tobacco, and wrestling bears and alligators.

How Low Can We Go? According to's Chris Low, the Hogs are a lock for a bowl-game appearance this season. The best-scenario scenario, according to Low: "The Hogs take off in Year No. 2 under Bobby Petrino and land in the AT&T Cotton Bowl, playing their second game of the season in the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium. They also face Texas A&M earlier in the season in Jerry Jones' new digs."

And the worst-case: "The defense doesn't make enough improvement, and a brutal road schedule takes its toll on the Hogs, sending them to the Advocare Independence Bowl."

And Low's prediction: Chick-fil-A Bowl. Hey, that's right down the road from me. I'll take it.

(Tip of the hat to commenter Ron Carter for the link.)