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Happy Crazy Razorback Football Trivia Funtime Game - Part Six (Muttsu)

Today's version of the funtime game takes on something of the spirit of that old "Name That Tune" gameshow from tv days gone by. For our purposes here, the question is can you name that season? Instead of notes, games. Here are the three games I'll give you, all in Little Rock. After you've come up with the correct year, put on your sumo suit and march down Markham playing the fight song on a trumpet. I think George Dewitt and Jim Lange would agree, much inner satisfaction awaits you if you get this one right.

Sept. 19th Arkansas 14, Oklahoma State 10  - Little Rock

Oct. 10th Arkansas 17, Baylor 6 - Little Rock

October 24th Arkansas 17, Wichita State 0 - Little Rock