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This Is Getting Absurd: TV Reports Say Stefan Welsh Has Been Indefinitely Suspended

Via two excellent sites - The Slophouse and ArkansasSports360 - we just learned that a Fayetteville TV station is reporting that senior-to-be Stefan Welsh has been suspended indefinitely from the Razorback basketball team for an undisclosed reason. (Maybe Coach Pelphrey just decided the day wasn't complete if he didn't suspend someone?)

Welsh joins junior-to-be Marcus Britt on the indefinite suspension list. Britt was arrested for DUI earlier this summer.

The news about Welsh comes only days after Jason Henry became the fourth member of last year's six-player recruiting class to leave Fayetteville, and it comes after two seasons in which the Hogs seemingly played every game with at least one player suspended.

Honestly, it's just head spinning.

At this point, you've got to wonder if the problem is more Pelphrey and his staff than it is the players. I don't purport to know the answer but I can't help but worry that our coach is too much of a hard ass or that he may be in over his head (or both).

Time will tell, but it's hard for me to recall a time when I've been less enthused about the basketball program.

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