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Funtime Game Answer - Wow, we are good!

I thought the answer to the funtime game trivia question deserved its own post just because the awesome nature of the Hogs' performances in overtime games can't be mentioned enough. The question was how many overtime periods have the Hogs played? The answer is 29 overtime periods across eight games starting in 1996. All but one of these, the 1996 game, were played under Houston Nutt, which I think is kinda appropiate when you think about it. His era was known for its drama, and there's nothing like a college overtime game for drama. Here is how it breaks down. My chief source is a 2007 game day program and then ESPN's boxscore for the 2007 LSU game.

1996 at Miss. State W 16-13 One Overtime

2000 at Miss. State W 17-10 One Overtime

2001 at Ole Miss W 58-56 Seven Overtimes

2002 at Tenn. L 41-38 Six Overtimes (Surely we would have won if we had gotten it to seven!)

2003 at Alabama W 34-31 Two Overtimes

2003 at Kentucky W 71-63 Seven Overtimes

2006 Alabama W 24-23 Two Overtimes

2007 at LSU W 50-48 Three Overtimes

I don't believe any college football program in America has an overtime record as impressive as 7-1 with all but one of those games being on the road. Why do the football gods smile so favorably upon us during these games, but frown down upon us in post-season games, for the most part? One of those eternal Razorback mysteries, I suppose. Will we see as many overtime games during the Petrino era? Honestly, I would just prefer to win them in regulation. I don't know if my heart can take too many more of these!