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Chris Bahn: Hogs Should Go 8-4 in Regular Season

It's probably pretty obvious that we here at Arkansas Expats are big fans of Therefore, we were especially to interested to hear 360's Chris Bahn's prediction for the 2009 Razorback football season, which he explains in the clip below. Some of the highlights: he says the Hogs will go 8-4 in the regular season and defeat Ole Miss in Oxford. We'll take it.

And before we go, we just wanted to put in a plug for 360's outstanding 2009 football preview issue, which is available at newsstands and online right now. (You can even read it via a fancy digital edition, which looks just like the print edition.)

In the meantime, our amphetamine-fueled interns and research assistants continue to pour over scouting reports and game films in preparation for the unveiling of our 2009 season predictions, so keep your eyes peeled. (We should add that their efforts are aided by our staff soothsayer, who achieves clairvoyance by meditating 12 hours a day and sleeping in a chamber of pure oxygen.)

Take it away, Chris.