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New York Times Takes a Look at the Hogs

The New York Times recently took a break from trying to destroy America and previewed the 2009 Razorback football team. More specifically, Paul Myerberg of the Times' excellent blog The Quad offered his analysis of the squad, ranking Arkansas No. 49 in the country. (Thanks to ArkansasSports360 for the link.)

Myerberg positively swoons over the potential of the Mallett-Petrino relationship, writing, "I’m beyond excited (I’m giggling again, this is embarrassing) to see what Mallett can do with Petrino’s leadership."

And here's part of his prediction: "On a personal note, I’ve really wavered on how I feel about the Hawgs, more so than any other team previewed thus far. Part of me looks at the schedule and has a hard time finding more than six or seven wins. Another part combs through the talented roster and coaching staff and believes Arkansas can be a borderline Top 25 team. I can’t go that far – yet. But this team could really surprise some people, and is poised for very good things in the near future."