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College World Series Update: Texas Longhorns Lose Game Three to . . . ah, Visigoth State

Dateline Omaha - Last night Visigoth State celebrated winning its sixth College World Series title 11-4 over the Texas Longhorns in a game three elimination game. Visigoth State's tribe of passionate fans were heard shouting, "What's in your wallet, Texas? Not a national championship!" Texas players were heard afterwards saying that the Visigoth State players were actually never their biggest fear, but they were very worried throughout the series that the wall constraining the war painted Visigoth fans might break. Visigoth State impressively tamed nine cavaliers, nine wild pigs, and nine even more dangerous bovines to win this year's national title. When asked what is next for them, their chieftan / coach said that they, their bats, and their fans were headed to Rome. Sources close to the Pope say the Vatican hopes to make a deal with Visigoth State whereby the fans will not be allowed within the city limits in exchange for lots of shiny purple and gold beads. A Vatican source is quoted as saying, "What are a few bags of beads when it comes to preserving Western Civilization itself."

(Seriously, congratulations LSU on your victory. If you think this Arkansas baseball fan is just a tad bit jealous this morning, then you underestimate how much I would like to see the Hogs win it all.)