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Wednesday Hodge Podge: Quarterbacks Only

* Our friends at the Razorbloggers Network have surveyed the SEC quarterback landscape and have ranked all 12 signal-callers from top to bottom (side note #1: am I the last person to refer to QB's as "signal callers" anymore? I feel very old-fashioned all of a sudden.). The top two - Tim Tebow and Jevan Snead - shouldn't surprise anyone, but after that it gets interesting. Check out their rankings to see where Ryan Mallett wound up (side note #2: any Georgia and/or Auburn fans who've stumbled across this post are advised to not click).

* Granted this blurb isn't about a current Razorback QB, but due to my strict code of blogging ethics I feel compelled to bring you continued updates in the never-ending Mitch Mustain saga. When we last left off with Mitch, he had slipped to the bottom of the USC depth chart. Unfortunately, now it seems that he's facing some academic issues that could render him ineligible for next season. Ouch. As Dr. Saturday points out in the linked article, pretty much all the other players in that crazy 2006-07 soap opera eventually landed on their feet...maybe there's hope for Mustain yet.

* Lastly, courtesy of the Hog Blog, we bring you this article about the difficulties of QB's adjusting from the spread to pro-style offenses. Front and center in the article is Mr. Tyler Wilson, who receives some high praise from Bobby Petrino.