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Coaching Carousel: Houston Nutt Edition

With the 2009 college football regular season in the books, the coaching "silly season" has begun and is already in full swing. Today's featured participant is a familiar name in these Mr. Houston Nutt.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Nutt is interested in the vacant Kansas job and has talked to their AD about the position (the comments thread on that article is a fun read, btw). On the flip side, the Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion has their own take on why the rumor is false.

Frankly, the rumor probably is false, as are most rumors this time of year. Nonetheless, it's a move we've seen several times from Nutt and his agent, Jimmy Sexton: float your name out there for any potential coaching vacancy and then cash in on another contract extension/raise from your current employer. I only wish that tactic worked in the real world.

Whatever the case may be, it is the opinion of this blogger that Nutt should stay in Oxford at least long enough to come to Fayetteville one more time (and without Ed Orgeron's players).

Update: the rumor mill is still spinning on day 2.

Update: Nutt releases statement saying he's happy at Ole Miss. Expect news of a contract extension/raise to follow.