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An Unfan Letter to Tim Tebow in Honor of His Soon Departure from College Football

Saturday brings us one game closer to the end of Tim Tebow as a college football player. In honor of this, I have gone ahead and composed what I call an "unfan" letter to Mr. Tebow. I try to express, outside of always being on the losing end of his exploits as an Arkansas fan, just what it is about Tim Tebow that I can't stand. If you have some Tim Tebow complaints of your own, now is a good time to share them. If you are a Tim Tebow defender, then please have at in the comment section as well.


Tim Tebow,


            The end is near. No, not the end of the world, the rapture, or even the end of talking about Tim Tebow. The latter will go on for many years hence no matter what happens in Saturday’s showdown with Alabama. The end I am referring to is the end of your college football playing career. There is Saturday’s game and then a bowl game ahead of you, possibly with the national championship on the line.

             With the end being so near, I thought it was time that I try to get my thoughts together about you and in the process let you know why someone possibly could object to the Tim Tebow phenomena (TTP) that has played out during your career. With there being so many who voice their approval of you and everything you do, I am afraid you might be under the impression that we are all unequivocal fans of you. We are not.

                 I think even in your bubble of adoration, you must know that especially Florida State, Tennessee, and Georgia fans on some level can’t stand you because of what you’ve done on the playing field to their teams. As an Arkansas fan, I’ve had the displeasure of seeing you help hand one SEC Championship game loss to the Hogs along with two regular season losses. You might say that this colors what I am about to say next. And it probably does to some degree. But I think these are four points that even some Florida fans would say to you if they could step back and achieve some distance from the fact that Tim Tebow is a Gator.

            FIRST:  The media that helped create the TTP is the same celebrity obsessed, bandwagon jumping on media that loses all sense of perspective at a drop of a hat. They have obsessed over you to the point that you’ve become like the song that you keep hearing and hearing on the radio until you are sick of it. "Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow."  I would have liked you much more if you had stood up and given this promise, "I promise that no one is going to work harder to squash talk about Tim Tebow and focus more of the attention on my deserving teammates more than I will. This I promise you."

            SECOND:  As someone who thinks the less religion and football are mixed on gameday, the better, I find the bible verses on your eye patches make you look more like a Pharisee than someone who lives by the golden rule with no personal gain expected. I don’t believe anyone is going to have a religious conversion by seeing a bible verse on your eye patches. Though your intent might be noble, what it says to me is "Look at me, Tim Tebow, I endorse this brand of religion!" It looks more like a warm-up marketing stunt for brand Tebow once it passes from the restrictions of the NCAA to the make all the endorsements you can NFL.

            THIRD:  Patton in the movie "Patton" says America loves a winner. Well, only to a certain degree. Too much success makes us wonder if the other guy is not subject to the same laws of fate as the rest of us. This is the "Damn Yankees" syndrome. I don’t hold you at fault for this, but you have won too much for me to root for you on Saturday. I think if you poll the nation outside of Florida you would find that most people want to see Alabama win specifically in order to see Tim Tebow handed a big loss for once.  

            FOURTH: How you have become sacrosanct in the eyes of the media. How dare someone not like the TTP! Group think is the best type of thinking to resist, in my opinion, so part of my not liking you is fueled by everyone telling me there is something wrong with me if I don’t like you.  

            These are my complaints, and I don’t think I share them alone. This is an unfan letter that I doubt you’ll ever read. But if by chance you do read this and you are as saintly as all your fans say, then I shouldn’t be surprised if you leave flowers and a fruit basket on my doorstep should I?


Consider your cape tugged, Superman,