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The SEC Championship Game: What's Your Take? (Part 2)

Earlier today we asked you to share your thoughts about who you want to with the SEC Championship game, and now we turn our attention to who you think will win. Vegas has listed Florida as nearly a touchdown favorite (see: the Tebow factor), but a lot of pundits are going with Alabama.

For what it's worth, we considered asking our own staff soothsayer, the famous Rasputin, to weigh in with a prognostication, but he's been in a dangerously depressed and irritable mood since the LSU game and actually threatened to cast one of his vintage Russian hexes on us should we approach him with such a frivolous request. So, we're letting him power through his stash of high-octane vodka in peace.

All of this brings us to the key question: who do you think is going to win? Vote below, then let us know why in the comments section.