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The SEC Championship Game: What's Your Take? (Part 1)

Although the Hogs aren't playing this weekend, you football fans may be aware that there's another pretty big game tomorrow. It apparently features a couple of teams who haven't lost yet, and at least one player who may or may not actually be a divine being. Gosh, that sounds kind of come there hasn't been more hype about it?

Sarcasm aside, we here at Arkansas Expats, Inc. are really looking forward to the SEC Championship game, even if the prospect of either Alabama or Florida having their hopes dashed by losing is a lot more appealing to us than the thought that one of them will emerge victorious. Seriously, maybe they could both lose?

Anyway, we're nothing if not scientifically-minded, so we'd like to take the pulse of the Razorback fanbase to see how you feel about the matchup. And, in a bold move that may leave you reeling, today we're presenting not one, but TWO, polls for your interactive enjoyment.

Here's the first one...please share your thoughts in the comments section, too, if you're so inclined.