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Too Much Fun in Memphis: Three Players Suspended

Just when everything seemed to be going a little too smoothly for the Razorbacks' Liberty Bowl preparations, a few of the guys decided to stay out too late and get themselves suspended for the big game. Whoops.

Apparently as a result of missing curfew last night, senior linebacker Wendel Davis, senior safety Matt Harris and junior wide receiver Marques Wade have been sent home and won't be playing against East Carolina on Saturday. The loss of Davis and Harris - the team's second and third leading tacklers, respectively - is even worse when coupled with the earlier news that freshman defensive tackle D.D. Jones is already out with an ankle injury.

So, to recap, the already-suspect Hogs' D is now down three very key starters on that side of the ball. Looks like the offense will have to carry even more of the load than usual...should be interesting.