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No Chance: Baylor 70, Arkansas 47

Actually, the Hogs gave the illusion of having a chance when they entered intermission trailing Baylor by only three points, 34-31. But with Courtney Fortson still out and Michael Washington limited to nine ineffective minutes by a bad back, it was only a matter of time before the Bears opened a can of whup-ass. And that they did in the second half, outscoring Arkansas 36-16.

As they have so, so many times over the last two seasons, the Hogs allowed their opponent to shoot like all-stars from behind the three-point arc. Tonight, Baylor made seven of its 15 three-point attempts (47 percent).

Hopefully, Fortson will be back soon. If he isn't and if Washington's back woes continue to flare up, many more nights like tonight are in store for these Hogs.