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Wednesday Hodge Podge

Know Thy Enemy. We here at Arkansas Expats are many things - Shakespearean scholars, renowned gourmet cooks, occasional fibbers - but experts on the Hogs Liberty Bowl opponent, that we are not. Fortunately for us and for you, our pals at The Razorbloggers have a nice breakdown of East Carolina. The guys also offer their Liberty Bowl predictions here. (Programming note: On Friday, our Russian-born, centuries-old soothsayer will unveil his forecast for the game.)

Bulletin Board Material. Speaking of predictions, on his oh-so-modestly-named Mr. College Football blog, Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and CBS says that East Carolina will defeat the Hogs. The nerve!

Join the Club. Chris Bahn of ArkansasSports 360 writes that the Hogs would like to forget their last bowl appearance.

Hard at Work. Brandon Marcello of Whole Hog Sports is in Memphis and has been busy compiling a boatload of reports and videos. Clip here for a small sampling of his fine work. And in this video, Brandon and Wally Hall discuss East Carolina's offense and defense as well as Ryan Mallet's struggles on the road.

The Bad Back is Back. Or so it appears: per AS360's Twitter feed, Michael Washington is doubtful for tonight's game against Baylor. Somebody buy the man some Doan's pills!

Coaching Madness. The holiday season has brought about plenty of coaching madness. The college football world is abuzz today about the firing of Texas Tech's Mike Leach. Click here to dive into SB Nation's extensive coverage of this crazy turn of events.