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SEC Power Poll Ballot & Results: Week 13

Last week, we were pretty confident that we had the whole Power Poll thing figured out...the Hogs were moving up, teams all seemed in more or less the right places, everything was nice & orderly. Of course that was followed by a close Razorback loss, teams winning (or losing) games they shouldn't have, and a huge crop of 7-5 records as a result.

So, we'll be the first to admit that our week 13 ballot is rife with inconsistencies and oddities. One thing we're stubbornly insisting on, though, is keeping the Hogs at #5. While admitting a healthy amount of hometown bias, it feels right .The other Power Poll voters weren't as can see the results and their comments over at Team Speed Kills.

Here's our ballot, with last week's results in parentheses:

1. Alabama (1)
2. Florida (2)
3. LSU (4)
4. Ole Miss (3)
5. Arkansas (5)
6. Tennessee (6)
7. Georgia (10) 
8. South Carolina (9) 
9. Auburn (8)
10. Kentucky (7)
11. Mississippi St (11)
12. Vanderbilt (12)