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Saturday Hodge Podge

On the Brink? This report by Tom Murphy of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette examines how close the Hogs may be to qualifying for a "a Bowl Championship Series game or other top tier bowl" after the 2010 season. New offensive coordinator Garrick McGee seems to have the right take:

"I think we’ve learned how to win, but there is still a ways for us to go. We have to win those huge games in these big environments against these nationally ranked teams. ... Florida and Alabama and LSU, those are the people we’re going to have to beat to accomplish our goals, and our goal is to win a national championship."

Note: Subscription required to view linked article.

Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Their Lives.  Eight Razorback footballers are expected to graduate after the fall semester.

Not Making the Grade. Speaking of commencement ceremonies, Derek Jenkins of the Arkansas Times has a look at the depressing discrepancy between white and black athletes' graduation rates at the U of A.  

A Lot of Value. The bra-burning socialists over at say that Arkansas has the 17th most valuable college football program in all the U.S. of A.

No Wonder the Vols Have Had Some Good Recruiting Classes Lately. From a New York Times article about Tennessee's controversial use of recruiting "hostesses":

Keith Easterwood, a veteran summer basketball coach, said that on a visit last year with his son, a football recruit, he had to ask a hostess to stop brushing her breasts against both him and his son.

He recalled saying, "Young lady, if you don’t stop doing that, we’ve got a problem."

Hat tip to our friend Jethro for the link.