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Wednesday Hodge Podge

About last night. One of the encouraging things about Tuesday's somewhat surprising win over Missouri State is that the Hogs notched a quality win without playing all that well. Sure, Arkansas outrebounded the Bears 42-30, and they held the visitors from Springfield to a field-goal percentage of 32 percent.

But they also committed 20 turnovers while compiling only 10 assists. Furthermore, Michael Washington played just 19 minutes and scored only seven points before fouling out, and Rotnei Clarke didn't have much going until the last couple minutes of regulation.

A good team wins games even when they don't play well. I'm not saying the Hogs are a good team, but last night they displayed an impressive resiliency. Let's hope that continues ... and that Mr. Fortson returns soon with his head on straight.

Maybe that loss wasn't as bad as it seems. Another SEC team - and a ranked one at that - fell at home to the mighty Jags of South Alabama.

Blasts from the past. Former Hog stars Corliss Williamson, Scotty Thurman and U.S. Reed will be available for autographs at Alltel Arena before the Dec. 30 game against Baylor. We'll pass along the details once our vast network of spies and phone-tappers comes across 'em.

Mallet discusses the NFL. Well, he does a little bit. Doesn't really say anything.